My New Favorite Skincare Routine

This next post is about what I do to keep my face looking and staying youthful. As well, it is a post about prevention; in that our skincare regimen needs to start as young as possible in order to prevent aging in skin later.

My newest skincare routine literally only involves one product: that’s right just ONE. You see, there are so many skincare lines that have anywhere from 3 to 5 steps. For example: after washing your face, you’ll have a toner, next an eye serum, then a face serum, etc. It gets to be tiresome to do this twice a day every day. Especially of you’re a busy mom such as myself.

cj 5


What is so great about this Catherine Jinn Pro Bio-Placenta Essence is that it is a combination formula designed to cut your skin care routine down to just one product. This formula was created for the busy women who need something simple and efficient. Not to mention, with South Korea being in the lead of cutting-edge skincare in the beauty industry, this company took their knowledge from South Korea and produced it in the USA.

CJ 4

Here are some of the many reasons this product is so amazing (courtesy of Catherine Jinn):

  1. Helps Rejuvenate Skin: Developed to mimic human placenta growth factors, our 5 unique peptides promote collagen & elastic production. In just weeks, your skin can begin to look firmer & younger.
  2. Like Botox But Safer: Built-in neuropeptides (Argireline, Inyline) help soften “expression wrinkles” such as laugh lines, crow’s feet & forehead creases. You’ll love the silky-soft difference!
  3. Helps Detoxify & Renew: Oligo elements & crucial vitamins contribute to your skin’s natural antioxidant powers. Nourished by this potent combo, your skin can glow with health & vitality.
  4. Naturally Nontoxic: No paraben. No fragrance. No animal testing. No worries! Pro Bio-Placenta Essence is your safer, easier alternative to costly injections & skin resurfacing.

CJ 3


Those are just a few of the many reasons of why it is in my daily beauty routine. Making my life simple an efficient is key when having a little one to take care of. As well, taking preventative measures now, I find is so important and over-looked in our society.

Simplify your beauty regimen and pick up the Bio Placenta Serum here. Thank you all for reading!



Disclosure: This post is sponsored. However, I only blog on products that I love and use and hope that you will as well. Thank you.