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Let’s face it, we all want those pearly white teeth in our everyday smile. But with all of the hype and many different whitening systems advertising, it’s hard to know which system to go with. This is partly why I partnered with Smile Brilliant. Firstly, because of their wide exposure that had many people raving about their product, and secondly, because of their trusty team made up of dental professionals with more than 30 years of teeth whitening experience! This is a professional at home whitening system.

Backed by their 100% money-back guaranteed program, this company has changed the game in teeth whitening by kicking those time-consuming “office visits” to the curb (which is a huge help, especially, for new moms such as myself). Instead, it’s incredibly simple: the company mails you a molding kit to create your own custom dental impressions from the comfort of your own home.


Upon receiving your box, the instructions are easy to follow along. By creating an impression, you mix the 2 catalyst molds together and inserting them into the tray.

teeth whitening 4

You will create a formation from the two pastes such as the above photo. ↑ From there, the instructions explain exactly how long and how to place these trays into your teeth. The entire process didn’t take up too much of time in which I was thankful for. One thing to keep in mind, however, is to really make sure your teeth are inserted properly (enough to where the molding goes up to the gumline). This ensures that the whitening system gets those pesty stains right where the gums and teeth meet. The excellent news is that Smile Brilliant gives you an extra set of catalyst paste in case the first tray is a no go.

From here, sending off your trays in a pre-paid mailing packet (Note: prepaid envelope is only for US locations) makes everything super simple. It’s about 3-5 days for your custom-fitted trays to be created and sent back.

teeth whitening 2

Using your whitening gel on the (left side of the above photo) is about 45 minutes to 3 hours every night. I took the time to binge watch some of favorite shows, give my daughter baths and catch up on laundry. The great thing is that the custom fitted teeth whitening trays don’t change anything about your nightly routine. Simply pop them in 30 minutes after eating dinner.

After your whitening gel is done, using the desensitizing gel does wonders. For me, personally, I really like how this company has this. I already have sensitive teeth to begin with so this gel dramatically helped along the way.

*Note: One tip that I would like to share that a representative shared with me, was to put coconut oil on your gums before inserting the whitening gel. It can sometimes irritate the gums on first contact, and the coconut oil creates a barrier, which made a huge difference for me each night.

Here are my before and after photos. One thing that I would first like point out is that my front left tooth was chipped years ago as a kid so because I have a filler, no teeth whitening system will actually whiten it like a normal tooth. However, the great news is that, upon speaking with my dentist, this is an easy and inexpensive fix. She explained that once I got my teeth whitened to where I would like them to be, she can just as easily replace this filler to match the rest of my tooth, yay!!

I also would like to point out how Smile Brilliant was very helpful in helping me understand this process. Because of this filler, I never thought that I could get a perfectly white smile, now I am just ecstatic to hear that it IS possible :-D.

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Thank you all for reading and I hope that your smile will soon be just as brilliant as mine! 🙂


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