Pucker Up: Lip Colors for Valentine’s Day


In this blog posting, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite lip colors of this season and how perfect is it to share around Valentine’s Day?

MAC Colors:

  • This matte lip stain in the color, High Drama, has such a deep vampy color, makes it perfect for date night. It can be found here.
  • The bottom lip liner is a popular matte nude color that I see on social media all of the time and I have bought this over and over again for the last 2 years! It’s the color ‘whirl’ from MAC and it can be found here.


  • This next lip color is absolutely beautiful and so rich in color! I love it because I can make it lighter or darker depending on how much I apply. The dark color is a perfect pairing for a February winter look. This color (in Bette) can be found here.
  • Also, this is not a NARS lip color, but I am putting this one on here, because I use this as a base for the NARS to last on my lips. It is the Hourglass lip pencil in the shade ‘Icon’ found here. Bonus: I use this color on it’s own too, and it’s such a bold red that is just gorgeous in the Spring and Summer!


  • I’m putting in this color for those of you who want more of a natural shade for your Valentine’s Day event. This Lorac lipstick has such an amazing smooth finish and I use the above MAC lip liner underneath to make it last longer. It is in the shade ‘Duchess’ found here.

Kat Von D

  • This one was not in the photo but I wanted to share this last shade with you because I am absolutely obsessed with Kat Von D’s everlasting liquid lipstick colors. This shade Underage Red bright crimson is perfect if you’re looking for a brighter red for your Valentine’s Day. And the long lasting wear of these colors are just unbelievable. 


I hope you enjoyed this posting, comment below to let me know what shade is your favorite! Thank you.



*Disclosure: This post was not sponsored and I am not a beauty expert. I just want to share my favorite products and hope you’ll love them too!

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