How I Styled My Baby Shower

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I decided to do a glimpse into my baby shower to not only give you style inspiration, but possibly decoration inspiration as well!


One of the first photos that will catch your eye is probably the huge balloon arch that my lovingly mother and husband did for the shower. They actually found this tutorial on pinterest here. You’ll see that they decided to leave out the foliage, that is simply because it was during winter time and a lot of our trees in AZ look a little sad this time of year.

Just an FYI, this balloon arch is made from simple ingredients but it does take a lot of work and a few hands to pitch in!

Naturally, the clothespin line, mason floral jars and banners are a common theme at showers.

All of these were done DIY by myself and some wonderful friends of mine. You can find an infinite number of ideas on how to recreate this on pinterest just like I did. I will share a few below:


Now onto the yummy desserts!

These were all done by my friend and amazing sister in law. The left are simple chocolate cupcakes and the bottom right are cake pops. As for the top/right, these are oreo truffles and they are just as amazing as they sound. Below is the recipe:




*Photo Credit: :JacquelineEkama

I hope you’ve enjoyed a teaser of my baby shower and hopefully gather some insight from it. Please comment below on what you would like to see next. Thank you for reading!


*Disclaimer: This posting was not sponsored. I only make suggestions to items that I personally love and would think that you would benefit too.

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