How I Got Rid of Dry/Flaky Skin on my Face


Living in Arizona, dry skin is inevitable. Especially in the winter, the dryness tends to lead to cracked knuckles and a flaky look on your face. Of course doing every day tips such as drinking lots of water can help, but sometimes we need that extra moisturization to give us a healthy glow even in the dead of winter.

I included below, some of the products that I use that have really helped get rid of the dry/flaky skin on my face.


1st Step

I wanted to give my face a deep renewal and peel before I started a dry skin treatment process. Just like exfoliating, it is important to relieve your skin of some of the overdue flakes/blotchyness that we discover from free radicals and winter dry air. Due to the deep penetration of the glycolic acid in this Sephora Super Serum, we can improve our skin’s appearance and texture.

  • I could not find the Sephora Super Serum on their site anymore, so here it is on Amazon Bonus: It makes my face oh so soft! Just in case that one is not longer available, I included this Origins Renewal Serum from Sephora.

After further exasperation of not getting enough moisture around my nose and cheek areas, I finally did some research of how I can renew my skin’s moisture so that when I put on makeup, I won’t have the flaky buildup look but rather a radiant glow. After reading countless articles, I finally found that having a cream (such as the above) with hyaluronic acid intensely hydrates the skin and recharges it.

  • I noticed a difference with this Sephora Intensive Instant Moisture + Cream in just 3 days of wear. I use it every day now before I put on my makeup and have gotten so many compliments on my skin’s complexion.


2nd Step

Those of you who need that extra boost of moisture, I HEAR you and I’ve got you covered. Argan oil has become one of the most talked about products in the skin industry due to it’s amazing effects! Because of it’s Vitamin E and rich fatty acid, it helps to nourish and hydrate the skin. Plus, it gives us our face this rich summer glow that our skin is missing.

  • Although pretty pricey, I highly recommend this Josie Maran – 100 Percent Pure Argan Oil. This product is just amazing, because it is pure argan oil without all of the chemicals. Plus, a little bit goes a looooooong way! Simply rub into your fingers and pat on your skin and even your hair! Giving us that youthful-looking complexion.,
  • For those of you who want that youthful-looking complexion, but don’t need as much of an oily texture, I give you the Josie Maran – 100 Percent Pure Argan Oil Light. This product is perfect to put on right before your makeup. After using this, I never put a highlighter on my cheekbones!
  • Last but not least, as an extra bonus, I put this Josie Maran – Surreal Skin Argan Finishing Balm after I apply my makeup and it works as a finisher (setting in the foundation). Put it on before and my makeup glides while the subtle glow awakens the complexion and gives my face a luminous light.


3rd Step

Lastly, I will show you what I have been using as my makeup routine to not allow any last flakyness and keep that radiance from all of the products used above.

  • First off, those who know me, know that I don’t normally wear a lot of foundation. However I am including a foundation that I sometimes wear for those of you who prefer more of a full coverage. This Benefit ‘Hello Flawless’ Liquid Foundation has been a miracle worker around those tough dry patches on my face. This foundation contains vitamin C and E derivatives to support antiaging and boost cellular respiration to give us a youthful glow while looking natural. Bonus: It has SPF 25.
  • If you are not in need of a full coverage look (like myself), I highly recommend this Tarte BB Tinted Moisturizer that I have been using for 2 years now. A lot of times, I will just use the above Jose Maran Light Argan Oil and this tinted moisturizer, saving my mornings loads of time and giving my face an all day moisturized appearance. This tinted cream is perfect because it is literally an ALL-IN-ONE  by including:
  • BB Cream
  • Moisture to the skin
  • Priming our skin for foundation
  • Works on the skin for 12 hours
  • And has SPF 30


Thank you so much for reading as this is my first Life Style post! I really hope you enjoyed my recommendations and would love to hear your feedback!



*Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. This post is not sponsored; I recommend products that I personally use and love and hope you will too.



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