Maternity Winter Lookbook

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Welcome to my very first look book!

I included a dressier winter look along with a casual winter look. These outfits are just for inspiration, so feel free to add flair in any way you’d like.


This first outfit is rocking that awesome baby bump of yours whilst still looking good for a girl’s night or date night.


Adding an off the shoulder top along with ankle stilettos gives you that sexy flare when we’re wanting to look polished in our pregnant state.

Top: This top was purchased from PinkBlush here. I love how super comfortable and long it is! (FYI: Hurry now while it’s on clearance).

Bottoms: These are actually regular jeans purchased from American Eagle years ago. At this time I was 24 weeks along and was able to wear the bella band comfortably found here. However, my wardrobe has such needed an extension into maternity jeans, so I added a pair here that I absolutely love from ASOS.

Heels: These heels, I am sure you know by now, have been my favorite along my journey into pregnancy. They are absolutely comfortable while still being stylish. You can find similar pairs found in these 2 posts of mine here and here.

Accessories: Since I live in Arizona, the winters are a lot nicer here than other parts of the world. So I thought I’d include some coat ideas and ankle boots that I thought would go awesome with this outfit

Coat 1 | Coat 2                                              Ankle boot idea 1 | Ankle boot idea 2


As for my casual winter look, I tend to stick with over-sized sweaters and flat boots. As I have repeated in previous postings, comfortablility is so important coming into third trimester.


I absolutely love the back detailing on this sweater as well! Add some boot socks and a scarf and your cozy winter look is complete.

Top: Exact match here. I found a similar style here in case they are sold out.

Leggings: Exact match here from PinkBlush (and they are just so comfortable).

Boots: These are an older pair of mine, but here I found similar ones if not better. What’s more, they’re on sale!

Boot Socks: I just love Grace and Lace (I have like 10 pairs of their boot cuffs/socks). The exact match is here.

Accessorize: Add a scarf, coat, a beanie & an adorable mittens for the colder parts of the world and you’re set!


That is all for my first lookbook. I hope you enjoyed and comment below on what you would like to see me style next! Have a wonderful New Years and I will see you in 2017!



Ringing in the New Years – Maternity Style


As I ponder about this New Year and the joys of having a little one come into my life, I realized that this will be the last New Years I have until I am a busy mom!

My outfit choice was one that was sophisticated and classy yet one that was uber comfortable. I have found that, being in the 3rd trimester, comfortability is so important when hauling around a big belly.



Believe it or not, this dress is NOT a maternity dress! It gives so much stretch and give to the belly while still adding that comfort and dressy look. One thing I like about these types of dresses is that you can add up the flare. Style with flashy jewelry and bright shoes (like red or white).

Because, hey, it’s New Years. You may be a mom, but doesn’t mean you have to give up your style! 😉


Dress: Express sheath dress found here

Shoes: These are older but I have a similar pair listed in my older posting found here

Jacket: This pea coat is from H&M but it looks like they might be all sold out, so I added a similar one here from Target (Plus: it is very affordable)

Purse: This is the same one that I used in my other post, found here


Thank you so much for reading, and please comment below on what you would like me to style next. Happy New Years from our little family to yours! Cheers!