Fall Dress Featuring Pink Blush Maternity


This post is featuring this beautiful fall number from PinkBlushMaternity.com. You can find this dress here in Navy Blue or Pink.

What I liked most about this is that fall is just slowly coming into the air in phoenix, so a dress like this gives me a perfect fall feeling without it being too warm. If you live in a colder climate, slip into some tights and a brown leather jacket and you’ve got a complete look!

Keeping in mind, while our precious babies (and bellies) are growing, comfort is always in the back of my mind. This dress has so much give without questioning the quality of the material.

As well, the ruched lining on each side of the dress allows the belly to grow throughout every stage of pregnancy. This is my 5th piece of clothing from PinkBlush Maternity and their clothing is fashionable for the modern pregnant female. Not to mention, they have regular women’s clothing to boot!

So kick off your fall wardrobe checking out their new arrivals and you’ll not be disappointed.

With that being said, thank you for reading my post and, as always, please comment below of what you’d like me to style next.


*Disclosure: This post is sponsored, however I always choose companies/products that I know and love and hope to see you benefit as well.


2 thoughts on “Fall Dress Featuring Pink Blush Maternity

  1. I just looked through your blog posts (brought here by your instagram!) and let me just say you are gorgeous. As someone who hopes to be pregnant in the near future, I cant wait to see the different looks you rock for it. 🙂


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