Maternity Survival Kit


I know this is a style/fashion blog. However, I always believe that in order to feel confident in your clothes, it’s what underneath that really helps!

Below are some of the amazing products that have been keeping me feeling great as my belly grows.

1) The Bellaband

Ingrid & Isabel’s Bellaband found here. This is something that I was a little skeptical on at first. My thoughts: how does it work? And that it looks like it would be an awkward fitting item. However, this band has been helping me all throughout my first trimester up until now (I am 20 weeks). Which means not having to purchase maternity pants just yet: score!

2) The Perfect Bra

I really didn’t feel like I needed a maternity bra right away until I went to Maternity Motherhood and tried on some of the most favorite bras. Not to mention, they are having a sale of buy 3 get 1 free! I found this amazing seamless bra here and it’s perfect to pack for the hospital. The one thing that I would suggest is to go up a size; giving you room to grow.

3) Finding the Right Belly Balm

The Honest Co. is truly worth all the hype. Their belly balm found here, is a dream when applying. The benefit of this balm is that it is completely organic and it really helps with the itching as our bellies are stretching. I know that it is inevitable that we will gain stretch marks (well, most of us). However, I have found that applying this balm once a day has been keeping those marks at bay for now.

4) Coconut Oil

Spectrum’s Organic Coconut Oil found here. There is coconut oil found in the belly balm above, but sometimes that added organic oil to the skin helps heal and replenish. Not to mention, I’ve always found that it felt soothing to the skin. Bonus: add a few tablespoons to your bubble bath to give you a moisturized glow.

5) Water, water, and more water

Last but not least: drink water. I included this because we all know that water is important in general. But by keeping hydrated while pregnant is a must. It helps us with maintaining our weight, and aids in just about everything (besides the going to pee ever 5 minutes part). Our baby relies on our nutrients and water is just one of the many things that help us feel more vibrant and confident throughout our pregnancy

Please comment below if you liked this blog posting and would like to see more like this one. Or on what you would for me to style next.

Thank you for reading,




*Disclosure: These products were not sponsored. I only review products that I know and love to share with my readers.

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