DYI : 90’s Vintage Outfit

So I’ve been seeing a lot of these vintage shops pop up online these days. Etsy and ebay take old thrift-ed mom jeans and turn them into cute high-waisted shorts that your mom would definitely not wear ūüėõ

Instead, I thought I’d teach you how you can create your very own hipster and vintage outfit that doesn’t break the bank and can actually be quite fun and easy!

90s Vintage Beginning DYI

Step 1: Go to your Local Thrift Store

Go to a thrift store and purchase those eye-brow raising mom jeans (trust my, my husband was looking at me like ‘you’re not actually going to wear those are you?’). Along with that, you can pretty much find any T-shirt that is faded and reminds you of the 90s. I purchased a men’s shirt that had a pocket in the front to give it that 90s grunge¬†edge.

Also, for mom jeans, I suggest you trying them on at your thrift store. Try not to gasp at the reflection in the mirror, because stick with me and we will revamp those jeans. But trying them on will help you find what will look best on you. For instance, how high you want them or how fitted you would like them to be.

90s Vintage DYI 2

Step Two: Cutting those Jeans

Here is where you want to make sure to measure exactly what you want. How short would you like them, how frayed do you want them. Would you prefer to have them as cut-offs or rolled? Below you’ll see I chose to do the rolled up look and that is what I will show you how to create.

Quick Tip: I suggest investing in some fabric scissors. They’re on the pricier side but trust me, they will be a lot easier to use.

Put on the pants and measure like you had to in high school to see if your shorts or skirt was long enough. Stand tall and let your arms touch the sides of your legs. Where your middle finger is at grab a marker (something that is noticeable enough to where you can see it for cutting) and mark that area.

Lay those jeans flat and in half like the picture above. You’ll want to smooth it out as much as possible so no creases get in the way of cutting. Also, it helps to have the jeans on a flat/hard surface such as a book or counter so that the cut is even.

Cut the first pant leg and then use the first one as a measuring guide for the second one to cut. If you happen to notice an unevenness to the cut, don’t panic you’ll roll them up and won’t notice it at all!

90s Vintage DYI 3

In this photo, the jeans look it a little long, but rolling them up to your liking will help!

90s Vintage DYI 4

Step 3: Making your own crop top

Now this step is easiest and I’m sure a lot of you out there have been able to do this step on your own.

What I did was put on that T-shirt, look in the mirror to see where I wanted the cropped shirt to be for my liking, and use that same marker from the jeans.

Use that same book or counter to cut in as much of a straight line as you can. If the cut is uneven, don’t worry, washing the shirt you will see that the edge will make a curl. Plus, remember that we are making a 90’s vintage grunge outfit.¬†So a crisp and perfect shirt wasn’t always necessarily the style.

90s Vintage DYI 6

Step 4: Style your outfit & Enjoy!

In this photo, I rolled up the sleeves to my liking and put on some birkenstock look-alike sandals (which can be found here) to complete my 90’s look. Create your look however you want!

90s Vintage DYI 7

For example: My husband insisted I complete my 90’s look with his 1992 middle school Suns bomber jacket. I can’t complain there as it gave this outfit that awesome nostalgia look that I was going for!

Thank you for viewing my DYI project and please comment on what you would like me to style next!

Much love and Virtual hugs,



Flared Seventies Style

hat in hand - favorite.jpg

I’ve been really fascinated over the new 1970’s hipster craze. I mean we have Coachella to thank and the famous inspiration of woodstock.

My mom was a natural hippy in the 70’s so, naturally, I went through her old photo books to gather some inspiration!

hands in hair.jpg


I got these awesome flared jeans from Nordstrom Rack and the crop top and fun leather neck choker are from Brandy Melville. Although these were both purchased a while ago, you can find these styles pretty much any where. However, I included similar items below:

Top: Exact match here 

Flared Jeans: Similar style here 

Faux Leather Choker Necklace: Similar here


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